Wagner-Habermehl-Bütow: Bye Bye Baby

Simon Ferber/ Januar 29, 2021/ Live-Blog

ByeByeBaby 01 ©Oliver Look
ByeByeBaby 01 ©Oliver Look

In der heutigen BlogChatUnterhaltung tauschten sich auf Englisch und Deutsch Tamora, Chandana, Theresa, Jan und Melanie aus. 

Eine Reise durch den Körper. Den eigenen Körper. Die Frage stellt sich: In wie weit ist mein Körper meiner? Welche Entscheidungen treffe ich und welche werden für mich getroffen? 


Gesellschaftlicher Druck vs. Innere Ruhe suchen. „Mit sich im Reinen sein“ Die Kontraktionen des Bauches: Wehen oder Leidensdruck?


Der Bauch als Quelle des Seins, Ursprung der eigenen Kraft, Heim des Atems.


Kann Geborgenheit schenken. Die Assoziation vom Fliegen… Luftballons und Spermien. Rechtfertigung. Und Wiederholung. Immer wieder die gleichen Fragen, die gleiche Körperlichkeit. Ticken der biologischen Uhr? 


Sehr viel Ticken, unaufhörlich. 


Maschinelles Ticken, unbarmherzig immer gleich bleibend.


Kalt, unmenschlich, abstrakt. 


Have you ever asked yourself how the „biological clock“ sounds? 


Yes. It sounds like that. Knowing what happened in Poland the last months. 


Good point! Ah, but in Argentina politics went the other way. 


Yes! Did you know that you can do a sterilization in Germany only after 30? I didn’t. 


Me neither.


NO, I didn’t know it. 


This was the point in the show when I asked myself if it is not a Hörspiel and would not really need the dancer? Or is she helping the perception?


I liked the presence of her and her body, but the questions should have been from the audience. 


I appreciated to have a face, a body, a person.


She was a bit like a Stellvertreter for women of her age, 33, but there was also something personal about her.


Since the conversation was in german, I could not understand what exactly was the stance or opinion of the dancer, but I enjoyed that there was a dialogue about the issue of body autonomy, and not just an abstract representation.

ByeByeBaby 02 ©Oliver Look
ByeByeBaby 02 ©Oliver Look


A collage of body, sound, projection, movement.


Sound was really important. Some nice associations, some were „fat“.




Too much. Doubled pictures/sounds.


The body as the key-point of the discussion was quite important to be present in the performance. For me it makes it more concrete. The performer represented the general discussion and embodied it through her presence and movement.


I liked her fighting with herself. To be self controlled and not to be. 


Being constantly busy. With what?


With opinions of others.


With not having a baby.


A permanent struggle while time is running.


And dancing according to the rhythms of the music.


Like the machine itself.

ByeByeBaby 03 ©Oliver Look
ByeByeBaby 03 ©Oliver Look


I may be wrong, but the song ‚bye bye baby‘ that the performance played was based on an original song called ‚be my baby‘. I found the opposing natures of both songs quite interesting and creatively used.


But there is a song called bye bye baby, right?


I have to admit I googled it and found one, but it did not sound at all like the one that was in the performance. But the tune of the ‚bye bye baby‘ from the performance sounded a lot like ‚be my baby‘.


So without knowing exaclty which ones I would recognize them as pop songs, pop tunes, texts, words, wishes, clichés.


Twice a female dancer on stage tonight. Very different.


Yes. And still this „being a woman“ gives so much common ground. Or is it just me projecting it?


Good word, they both dealt with projections in a way. 


Und mit implizierten (Un)Rechten oder Verantwortungen.


And both referred to the human body, inner workings and outer appearances, but in very different ways.


Unsere Uhr für heute tickt – let’s call it a day. Gute Nacht