wehr51 – distance

Simon Ferber/ Januar 30, 2021/ Live-Blog

WEHR51- Distance 01 ©Oliver Look
WEHR51- Distance 01 ©Oliver Look

Der heutige, abschließende Tanz-Satz-Tausch wurde auf Deutsch und Englisch vom Team Jan, Gustavo, Chandana, Tamora und Melanie besprochen, wie immer direkt im Anschluss an die Aufführung.

Aha, when the music started I guessed it would not take a whole hour.


Aha, when the music started I guessed it might not be a piece that takes itself too serious. 


What was this music? I know it but don’t remember from where…  


The Bolero by Maurice Ravel!


Ah! True!


Since this music is explicitly building up a tension I was curious what this might be in terms of Corona rules/habits, restrictions in terms of distance keeping, gestures.


I guess this was the piece I thought will come up en mass in this pandemic situation: dancing with distance, mask and a materialised virus between the two bodies.


Something that might have started as an unreal event, many people joked about in the beginning, smiling about it. Turned out to be more life changing than expected. 


Do you mean the pandemic or the piece? Oder die körperlichen „Begrüßungsformeln“?


The material of the piece and also somehow the piece in its conclusion. 


Yes, the climax was not the liberation from the restrictions but a very sad separation of two people who had wandered and danced through difficult and a bit less difficult times.

WEHR51- Distance 02 ©Oliver Look
WEHR51- Distance 02 ©Oliver Look

Where are we now

Die Kirche als Kunstraum, große bunte Fenster, Steinwände, atmosphärisch. Platz für Abstand. Die Maske als Zentrum der Performance.  


Die Kirche aber auch als Raum für das etwas Größere, was die Menschen übersteigt, dann dieser Kontrast mit den putzigen Kapuzenfiguren.


I wonder about the dance style – I saw ballet elements, maybe jazz? I was surprised I have to say. Don’t know why. 


Am Ende, in diese Riesenviren gepackt, erinnerten die beiden an Schlemmer.




I can see that.


I thought of white snowflakes nutcracker ballerinas.


The piece was cute I guess.



WEHR51- Distance 03 ©Oliver Look
WEHR51- Distance 03 ©Oliver Look


I have to admit that in my personal opinion, I was not very amused even though it seemed to be aimed at sort of making an amusing, interesting situation around our immediate reality. Perhaps it was this feeling that Corona has already taken over my life since a year, and I guess dance seems like an escape from it, for me.


Yes, for me the same.  


I kind of projected the piece into the future – reminding us or our grandchildren of this year.


Und dann ist das, was jetzt so (zu?) offensichtlich erscheint, vielleicht eine Rück-Erinnerung an das Gefühl, was uns gerade alltäglich begleitet und keiner Erwähnung mehr bedarf.


What I noticed again with this piece: transmitting humour seems even harder in the streaming than on real stage. Wenn nur einer kichert im Publikum oder mehrere, dann kann es anstecken (oder ermuntern, not to take it too seriously). Aber wer kichert allein vorm Bildschirm?


Hahahahaah true.


A big part of humour is being suprised, surpised by the turn, pointe/punch line, but I was already expecting some things because they seem to be very present at the moment plus:  humour is a matter of super timing.


True, it still amused me somehow. 


Yes,  because it showed without Schnickschnack the (im)possibilities to make a dance piece about the current situation.


A very good point.


Zum Humor: Vielleicht würde das Stück dann ein anderes Format benötigen, einen TanzFILM, gemacht von FilmemacherInnen. Herausfordernd ist das Format des Streams sicher für uns alle, die Live-Auftritte gewohnt sind.


I kinda wished they were wearing the virus costume during the more dancy part… take this impossibility to the extrem (at least in that situation).


And conquer the whole big space, being all over … 


Can you imagine if they were rolling around inside the ball? It might have been a mess, but I wouldn’t be mad bout it. I notice how my mood of the day completely influences the way I regard the piece. Maybe I am living too much in my fantasy world as a means to cope with the emptyness of the day-to-day. Somehow I feel a literal representation of the current situation unappealing.


I agree completely, I had a similar feeling. 


The dancers did what they were told and they are great in their right, also the choreographer might have achieved their aim… I feel incapable of having and opinion.